DeKalb County Torchbearer - February 2020 - Jennifer Ann's Group - Teen Dating Violence prevention

Your Weekly Community Update
DeKalb County, Georgia

February 8, 2020
Volume 4 Issue 6

DeKalb County Torchbearer

Torchbearer: a person who leads or inspires others in working toward a values goal

This week, we're honoring a local DeKalb County-based nonprofit organization that has been working to prevent teen dating violence since 2006: Jennifer Ann's Group. The month of February is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.

Jennifer Ann's Group uses a unique approach to directly reach youth to prevent violence by developing video games. Its "Gaming Against Violence" program has produced, published and researched pro-social video games that engage, educate and empower. With a portfolio of more than 50 games, the organization addresses issues like bystander awareness, consent, gaslighting, healthy relationships and violence prevention. Two journal-published studies have shown the games are effective at changing unhealthy beliefs or attitudes after a single gameplay.

These games are all free and available to play online or download for smartphones or tablets. For more information as well as other teen dating violence resources, visit