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November 21, 2006
Advisory board member, Dr. Elizabeth Richeson, Ph.D., was interviewed today by NBC affiliate KTSM in El Paso, Texas. She discussed Jennifer Ann's Group and our efforts to educate others about how common violence is in teenage relationships. If a video is posted on their website I will include that link once available.

November 16, 2006
A member of Jennifer Ann's Group's advisory group, Dr. Elizabeth Richeson , Ph.D. spoke at the TX Psychological Association's convention about their "Stand Against Violence" campaign. She cited Jennifer Ann's Group as an example of a group that is attempting to educate others about the prevalence of dangerous relationships.

Our educational cards were distributed to the conference attendees. They were received very well and we are confident that these cards will make a difference.

November 16, 2006
Texas State Senator Hinojosa has entered Senate Billl #86 [pdf] calling for all school districts in Texas to implement a dating violence policy.

November 14, 2006
Our first set of educational cards has been received! I was expecting the box I opened to be a birthday present but was much more excited to see that it was the 1,000 educational cards that had been ordered.

These credit-card quality cards are printed with the "Ten Warning Signs" on one side and information on how to be prepared on the other. This first group of cards will be distributed locally initially to determine their effectiveness.

Our plan is to tweak the information based on feedback we receive and hopefully place our next order in December. That order should be larger and we plan to get them into high schools, hospitals, women's groups and more. More information will be on the website when these cards become available. Stay tuned :-)

November 10,2006
Our initial order of pewter logo items has been received in El Paso, Texas. These items will be on sale at the Texas Psychological Association's conference in Dallas, Texas next week. We have had bracelets (w/ charm), lapel pins and keychains created for our group.

The designs are all based on the "Jennifer Ann's Group" logo designed by Jennifer's father in Atlanta. The pewter manufacturing has been done by an excellent pewter company, Toadland, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

After we determine how well sales go at the conference we'll then make a decision about if we will start to sell these on a regular basis. I think they look great and I think you will too!

September 7, 2006
The local newspaper in Moultrie interviewed me earlier this week and today did two great articles about Jennifer and her Organization.

The Moultrie Observer

Article about the dedication ceremony

Article about Jennifer Ann's Group

The ceremony will be on Saturday, September 9th (Jennifer's Birthday) and will begin at 4:30PM at the Colquitt County Arts Center. The benediction will be by Hugh Ward, Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church and music will be performed by John Norman.

If you are in the area we would love to see you there.

September 3, 2006
As Jennifer's 19th birthday approaches we are organizing a dedication ceremony for September 9th in Moultrie, GA. Jennifer and I lived there for a few years and she loved the community. The Crecente family plot is in Moultrie and her gravesite is adjacent to her great-grandfather's.

On September 9th, 2006 Jennifer Ann's Group is donating a bench in her memory to the Colquitt County Arts Center. Jennifer performed two musicals there as well as spending two summers enrolled in their Summer Arts Camp program.

The ceremony will be at the Colquitt County Arts Center at 4:30pm. More details to follow shortly.

Aug 3, 2006
There is still no movement on the trial. The Public Defender has asked for more time to prepare.

News Story about Jennifer's Crecente's murder on KEYE-TV

July 13, 2006
It's taken me longer than I thought it would but I've got the corporation finalized and the group is now official. Despite the offers of assistance from a couple of lawyers I soon found out that being a non-paying customer doesn't keep most lawyer's attention for very long so I did the paperwork myself. A big thank you to attorney Erich Morales of El Paso for reviewing my Corporation paperwork.

Next step is the non-profit status with the IRS. Once that's taken care of we'll be ready to move ahead with some of our plans.

May 25, 2006
Continuing coverage about Jennifer Crecente not receiving her posthumous diploma:

Story on 590 Talk Radio
Blog - Austin American Statesman

May 24, 2006
Austin CBS affiliate reports on Jennifer Crecente and the issue with her honorary diploma:

News story about Jennifer Crecente's graduation from KEYE TV

May 23, 2006
My blog about the decision to not grant Jennifer Ann her posthumous diploma:

Blog - Jennifer Crecente's Dad's MySpace

April 25, 2006
I just received the following from the President of the Texas Psychological Foundation. A $5,000 grant to study violence against women will be given in Jennifer Crecente's name and will be available starting this year! I look forward to sharing more good news with you as time goes on.

- Jen's Dad (Drew), Founder & Executive Director
Jennifer Ann Crecente Memorial Group, Inc.

This grant will be named The Jennifer Ann Crecente Memorial Grant - in memory of the first homicide victim in Austin in 2006 - an 18 yo young lady whose plan was to study psychology in Texas.

This grant will provide a $5,000 stipend and be offered to a GRADUATE student in psychology whose research would contribute to understandng the causes and/or prevention of violence against women. The rearch should be in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master thesis or Doctoral Dissertaion having a proposal approved by the student's advisor or committee.

March 31, 2006
Jennifer Crecente's alleged murderer was indicted today by the grand jury in Austin. He was indicted on two First Degree felony murder charges. I'll update when I have more information but this is a very positive sign that he was so quickly brought before the grand jury and then quickly indicted. We hope and pray that the trial is as efficient and has an outcome that befits this horrible crime. I've not found any information in the media regarding these indictments.

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